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When two worlds meet...

It's not often that my job and my hobbies intersect. But in March I had the opportunity to bring in the world of handcrafting to the world of language learning. I currently have a group of students who work in service design. A big part of their job is to try to improve systems or physical objects/interfaces to be more user-friendly. And in order to do that they follow certain principles, for example, described by Don Norman in his book The Design of Everyday Things. One of these principles is the idea that a person should be able to easily understand what an object does upon first encountering it. For example, what do you do with a knob ? You turn it. But do you turn a lever ? No, you pull it.
So to foster a discussion about the design of everyday objects and how to understand and perhaps improve them with the user in mind, I brought in some everyday objects. Everyday objects for certain people that is ! My goal was to choose objects perhaps unfamiliar to the group, b…

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